I hope you all enjoyed my last post because I sure did.  The last time I had spicy chicken rigatoni was sometime within the week before I left California for this semester.  On Monday, my roommates and I went grocery shopping.  I set out to make that meal for myself soon after I went shopping.  Luckily, I didnt need to change my grocery list to accommodate the ingredients needed because my diet revolves around pasta sauce, pasta, and chicken.  When finally sat down at my dinner table with this feast, I was in heaven PLUS there were leftovers.

As mentioned in my blog last week, my schedule underwent a makeover so now this is listed below.  The ending of each day are all cut off but i work till 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.  Classes go till 5pm on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday I work from 530pm-1am the next morning.  


Within this last week I only was able to go to the gym twice but I still kept the running to three times (Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday) during the week with the mile times at 7:55, 7:47, and 7:53.  On Tuesday, I worked out shoulders and on Thursday I worked out back all with sets 3×12.  This week the emphasis at the gym was a more up tempo workout.  The same weight was used, but I increased the repetitions and decreased my rest time to ensure there was 45 seconds in between sets.  I would be lying if I said that I was not at all fatigued from the day prior to exercising because I worked out after five every time during this week.  I’m sure I would have had more energy if did not have to wake up at the latest 6:45am everyday.

My workouts seemed as if they were maintained but I ordered out once, but it definitely doesn’t feel that way.  Due to the constraints of my schedule, it was not reasonable to walk home in order to make lunch or dinner the proceed to walk to wherever I needed to be .  On Friday I went to Calios.  They have a buy one get one free deal for their calzones if you have their coupon that exists on the back of Tops receipts.  It comes out to be seven dollars, so, ultimately, that was 8 bucks projects to 4 meals because half a calzone is capable of making me full.  That’s a huge deal no matter who you talk to.  Those meals lasted me till Sunday for lunch, and because of that, I feel as though I ordered out more than I really did.

In conclusion, my busy schedule really didnt interfere with my workout and “healthy” eating.  When I do cook food, I know what is going into the meals.  Unfortunately, no one will never really understand what EXACTLY goes into the food  at restaurants catered to college students.  So part of me did feel guilty as I ate my two dollar half calzone even though it did taste godly.


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